Battlegrounds Mobile India: These will be the conditions for playing the game, know when the Indian version of PUBG is launching

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The company has not yet announced the launch date of the Battlegrounds Mobile India game. But there are speculations that this game can be launched soon. The company is continuously giving updates about this game.

The excitement of the fans is increasing continuously regarding the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the Indian version of the popular game PUBG Mobile. Before its launch, South Korean company Crafton has issued an update on its support page and has told about the terms of play of this game. To play the Battleground Mobile India game, players have to agree to these conditions. Let us know about these terms. 

The company issued the conditions
PUBG was banned in India last year after allegations of data theft. At the same time, the conditions for the Battlegrounds Mobile India game being launched this time have been made more strict than before. Where earlier players had the facility to log-in through Facebook, Google Play or guest account to play PUBG, now OTP will be required to log-in this game. Only through this the Battlegrounds Mobile India game can be logged-in.

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These will be the conditions
Battlegrounds Mobile India game can be logged-in only through OTP.
The game can be played only after verifying the OTP.
Players will be able to enter the verification code three times. After that it will be invalid.
A verification code will be valid only for five minutes, after which it will expire.
Players will be able to request OTP only 10 times for login. If you do more than this, the request will be banned for 24 hours.
Players will be able to register on maximum 10 accounts from one mobile number.

Tomorrow may be the launch
game development company Crafton has made Battlegrounds Mobile India available for registration on Google Play Store on May 18 only. In such a situation, speculations are being made that this game can be launched on 18 June i.e. tomorrow. The fans of PUBG are very curious about this game, what weapons and what will be special in it.

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