Google’s new update: Now companies have to keep the privacy of users on apps; Option to retain data after uninstalling the app

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Google’s privacy New Update: Now Companies Have To Keep The Privacy Of Users On Apps; Option To Retain Data After Uninstalling The App

The Google company puts forward the privacy of users. For which she changes the policy. Apple had changed the 2020 policy of the App Store. In which the companies making apps had to clear how those users use background location data. In view of this, Google has also created a new privacy label. For which Alphabet Giant has added a new feature in Google Play. Which will tell what kind of data the app is taking.

What type of data does the app take

Google is adding a new security section in the Play Store. The apps company will have to tell what data of the users it takes. All the things that have to be told about the privacy of the users. This includes location, contact, personal information such as name, email, photo, video, audio files and storage files.

Permission to take only the data that is required

Only those data which are required to use apps will be allowed. Users will have to give access to apps without taking data. Third party verification section has to be made in the safety section. After uninstalling, there is an option to delete the user’s data or not.


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