If gadgets are lost or broken, the data in them can be lost as well as theft. | Gadget is expensive or cheap, its insurance will protect against all damages, from wear and tear to theft.

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  • If Gadgets Are Lost Or Broken, The Data In Them Can Be Lost As Well As Theft.

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In today’s era, from payment to shopping has become online to a large extent. Due to this the demand for gadgets like smartphones, laptops, computers has increased. Many of these gadgets are very expensive. There is a possibility of them getting damaged, lost, broken. In such a situation, getting the gadgets insured can be the right option. Most of the company gadgets manufacturers give a warranty of 6 months to 1 year, which is limited.

What is Gadgets Insurance?

When a gadget is lost or broken, the data in it can be lost as well as theft. There is also financial loss as well. To avoid this, companies offer insurance plans. These insurances provide coverage against theft or sudden breakage of all types of gadgets including smartphones.

What does Gadgets Insurance cover?

It contains a variety of things. like

  • In case of theft or theft of smart phone or gadget
  • Replace or repair a lost or defective phone within 48 hours of notification.
  • Providing door step pick and drop facility to gadgets for repairing
  • Technical problems like ear jack, charging port and touch-screen problems are also covered by some companies.
  • Many insurance companies offer a no-claim bonus to the policyholder at the time of policy renewal if no claim is made during the previous policy term.

Names of some companies providing gadgets insurance in India

  • Times Global Insurance This company covers screen damage, device theft, malfunction, display or camera malfunction. They do not offer any bonus to those who do not take the facility while insured.
  • One AssistThis company provides cashless facility for repairing gadgets. It also provides doorstep pickup and drop service.
  • Sync N Scan (SyncNScan)- In this, protection is provided against theft and damage of the device. Its system automatically restores the deleted data. Also detects and removes viruses and spam messages. Helps to search by locking the lost phone through the app.

Gadgets insurance claim process

  • You can inform the loss caused to the gadgets from the toll-free number of the insurance company.
  • Customers have to fill the claim form. Submit online or at the insurance company office.
  • In case of theft or robbery, an FIR has to be lodged in the police station and a copy of it will have to be shown.
  • Some insurance companies ask for a fire station report in case of loss of gadgets due to a fire in the house.
  • The claim surveyor of insurance companies has to provide photographs of the damaged gadgets.
  • The claim is received on the basis of the insurance company policy document.
  • Makes direct payments to third party gadgets service centers authorized by the insurance company for repairs.
  • Insurance companies give only one claim, while some give more than one claim in a policy.
  • The customer should read the terms and conditions carefully while taking a gadgets insurance policy. noteThe process for a gadgets insurance claim may vary from company to company.

Insurance will not be available in these conditions

  • Such a loss of gadgets about which the insurer cannot tell correctly.
  • Gadgets may have been intentionally damaged.
  • Damage when gadgets get wet in rain.
  • Pre-existing defect in the Gadgets Insurance Policy.

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