Know what is Xiaomi’s charging technology, so that the phone will be fully charged in just 10 minutes

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Know what is Xiaomi’s charging technology, so that the phone will be fully charged in just 10 minutes

Given the way the use of smartphones has increased, this charging technology of Xiaomi will prove to be very effective. It is being claimed that with this technology, the phone will be able to charge 100 percent in just 10 minutes.

Many parts are very important in a smartphone and battery is one of them. When taking a new phone we often ask about the battery. Now-a-days such smartphones are coming in the market which charge the phone in a very short time. But now the Chinese company Xiaomi is bringing a special technology of charging. The company claims that with the help of this technology, the phone will be fully charged in just 10 minutes. 

If you believe in the benefit reports at the end of this year, then Xiaomi is currently working on 200W fast charging system and it is believed that by the end of this year, this charging technology can be given in the flagship smartphone. Xiaomi can provide 200W fast charging technology via wired and wireless charging. Earlier, the company had supported 120W wired charging system in Mi 10.

Mi Air Charge Technology Please tell that this year Xiaomi has also introduced remote charging technology to Mi Air Charge. With the help of this technology, multiple devices can be charged under a wireless system simultaneously without any cable. In this, users just have to stand in front of the charger and the device will start charging automatically. This charging technology uses a self-developed isolated charging pile that generates charging energy in the air to charge the device.

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