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AdSightPro Explorer helps advertisers find hyper-targeted hidden interests for their Facebook & Instagram ads which are otherwise hidden in Facebook’s Ad Manager. It’s 100% Facebook approved app and includes a slick easy-to-use interface that makes Facebook advertising a breeze.

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Ad sight Pro

>We created this tool to find hidden interests from Facebook so you can outsmart your competitors and increase your ROAS multi-fold.

.Limited & General Audience
Facebook shows only 25 targetable interests when you search for a keyword.
It gets even worse. Anyone who searches for that keyword will see the same 25 interests and hence very high competition. Which means Higher CPC & Lower ROAS.

AdSightPro shows 100s of hidden hyper-targeted interests
Get 100s of hyper-targeted interests you can target in your Facebook Ads.
Since these interests are not available to general Facebook Advertisers, you get an unfair advantage over them to bypass the competition and generate highly profitable Facebook Ads.

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.Product that is goingto give you even more theory into kind of or practical theory at least into howFacebook marketing works how you can maximize it a lot of people are goingover to Instagram now you’ve got to remember that’s also part of Facebookthat ecosystem so understanding how to market on Facebook and that means notonly paid outs but also the kind of content you should run it goes intogroups SEO as well and just really giving you that all-encompassing deeperknowledge of how to you know really maximize your time your ad spend andyour content curation on Facebook in the best way possible bonus number two I’vegotten for you is Shopify traffic so if you are one of those people who areusing Facebook with Shopify this goes into setting up Shopify also in a waythat is also going to work hand-in-hand with the re target or with Facebookmarketing so you know it’s just maximizing that whole – whether you’redrop shipping or you know print-on-demand or whatever it is thisproduct is going to give you that deeper knowledge of how do you Shopify soyou’re coming across this retarget platform and you’re thinking well it’sgreat but I don’t know in what way to use it this is also going to teach youthe basics as well of how to set up a Shopify store so you can get your feetwet with e-commerce in the best way possible bonus number two I’ve got a fewis click back marketing secrets so Clickbank is also a very profitableaffiliate network I use it myself many people will use it many people making alot of money on Clickbank goes way back and if you don’t want to get intoe-commerce you’d rather get into affiliate marketing which in my opinionis simpler to get into and also you know has the potential to make you more moneyyou can also run Facebook Ads to Clickbank offers and things like thatthis helps you to get started with Clickbank.

. It also has a lot of fundamental knowledge in there on affiliate marketing as a whole no matter what network you use there’s definitely gonna be some crossovers bonus number 5 is I’ve got any full full access to the bonus the vendor bonus vault here so really quickly what they’ve done offer is a social media toolkit we’ve got white label rights for social pup which is scarcity software we’ve got a script funnel writer we’ve got white label high quality thirty high definition backgrounds we’ve got delicious flat icons that you can use we’ve got 100 call to action 100 call to action marketing strategy WordPress image plus and WordPress visitor chat as well so gonna go hand-in-hand with re target really well all relating kinda to social media setting up landing pages pushing traffic there and really that is the corner stone of making money online.

.So if that all sounds good to you step one link in the description you go to the bonus page click on these green buttons it looks in the bonuses it will send you off to the re target sales page which looks like this and I’d recommend going through this in your free time so we’re not here all day seeing what it’s all about so you’re able to make a more informed decision about whether it’s right for you if you are running ads though I know it is definitely right for you and we’re going to get into it in a second if you do decide to purchase.

.it you’ll be sent a digital receipt which looks like this and under the green button will be re targeting under the blue button all the bonuses so really easy my emails here if you have any problems keep this countdown timer though because when it does hit zero this is a launch week special so the bonuses will no longer be available and also any exclusive pricing that gets activated when you click these buttons also won’t be available.

.What I do have available though for you right now is if you look on your screen there’ll be some discount codes which I would definitely make a note of so you know no matter when you come in maybe you can get some sort of discount if you do decide to purchase as well so without further ado let’s get into re target let’s see what it’s all about advertising is all about people seeing your products over and over again until they make the decision to buy it said that on average people need to see a product about seven times before they make the decision to purchase it that’s why re targeting is so powerful what re targeting does is every person who visits your website is cookie or pixels and then they’re added to an audience list inside of Facebook’s and manager you can then advertise to people within that audience who have visited your website previously and as a result of them already being familiar with your business your brand in your website.

.There’s a higher chance they’ll purchase from you however re targeting with Facebook isn’t perfect the fact is that when you re target with facebook you need to advertise to everyone who’s visited your website there’s no way of distinguishing between one person who’s uninterested in one person who’s hyper interested about your products and your services take a look at this audience for example this is in my ads account and this is for a recent product that I launched called video flow in this audience we have 4,100 people who had visited my website to find out about video flow if I want to advertise to those 4,100 people.

.I would need to advertise to all of them there’s no way of finding out who in this large list is interested in my product was an accidental visitor or is uninterested in purchasing video flow so in order to find out I need to spend money and pay facebook to advertise to all of them but their costs a lot of money and it’s very inefficient and I won’t get as good a return on my investment as if I knew upfront who is interested within this list and who wasn’t that’s where re target comes in and this is why re target is such a powerful software re target the power back in your hands so you can stop paying facebook for accidental and uninterested people retailer works by first of all identifying based on the behavior of someone on your website whether they’re interested whether they’re an accidental visitor or whether they are uninterested then removes the people who are uninterested or accidental from your re targeting lists enabling you only to target the people who are the most interested in your products and services saving you time saving you money and increasing your ROI.

.let me show you why this is such an effective solution and why this software within a matter of minutes can save your clients or your business thousands of dollars and instantly boost your return on investment that you’re generating from your re targeting ads first of all navigate to the dashboard as I’m here click add new and then connect Facebook to the re target software you can do that within two clicks you simply need to log in to your Facebook account then from there we’ll be able to get access to the ads manager select your and account and then select a name for your custom audience so I could enter in video flow here and I could just gather people into my audience who are genuinely interested in purchasing video flow from there I go to step number two now this software is powerful because what it does is it tracks your visitors as they go around and navigate your website so it can identify based on triggers or tripwires who’s interested in who’s not interested in your products and services so we can sit certain rules that will determine the level of interest of the people that are visiting our websites so one of those rules is time on site.

.We can based on how much time a person is on our website choose to add that person to our re targeting list or not add them at all obviously if someone spent five seconds on their website they’re probably not interested in purchasing our products however if someone spent 90 seconds on our website it’s likely that they are genuinely interested in purchasing our products and services so there’s someone we would want to advertise to because we have more of a chance of selling to them then we would someone that was on your website for less time we could also refine who is added to our re targeting list by using this category scrolled if someone’s willing to scroll down your website chances are they’re reading about your product or service so they’re getting more familiar with it and that increases the chance that they will buy so we could say that we want to also add people into our re targeting list who have scrolled more than 50% of our website then we can choose through a number of different other metrics such as referral source language number of visits data visit visiting device where someone has come from and much much more within this system so we might also choose to target people.

.If we were you know using a mobile app or we were trying to advertise a mobile app we could say that only people that visit from their mobile device are going to get re targeted or for example if we knew that and we were selling courses to people that only spoke English because our courses were English we could remove anyone who doesn’t speak English from our re targeting list with ease just by adding English right here now there’s a lot more you can do within these behaviors but already we’ve refined re targeting audience we’ve made it more effective and what this means is we’re only going to be re targeting people who fit within these rules within these behaviors and that’s going to decrease our ad spend it’s going to increase our ROI and ensure you’re only advertising to people who are likely to buy from us from there we click next and then from there that’s all we need to do the final step is simply to copy this embed code edit onto your website instead of the Facebook pixel because you don’t need to use the Facebook pixel anymore you cannot use our re target pixel and that will ensure you’re only targeting interested people add this to your website and that’s it the software will then track your visitors it’ll watch their behavior and it will add people to your re targeting list inside of Facebook only when they fit the characteristics of the type of people that you want to advertise to and this is why the software is so effective for your advertising it’s why it’s going to save you it and your clients a lot of money and it’s also going to help you to increase your ROI.

.Increase your click-through rates and Facebook as a result of you advertising better will be more likely to give you a lower cost per click price because you’re protecting the users experience and advertising better over their platform alright I hope you enjoyed that demo hope you’re looking forward to getting your hands on re target and all those bonuses as well now really quickly before we close out the video what I’ve got here on my bonus page link in the description is a quick write-up really more importantly what to expect during the buying process so the front end 27 or 37 for commercial basically everything you show in the video there you can also get a one-time offer that’ll be offered 8BQAzQwVETtFWGmAFZjAwNSYA7M4EczfocpPa2kZ6AiC1tVQuAhJTRjLG5Nkk4QqFWHxiKBdi6RuUFjC5zMhvhUyK7tatMA audiences things like that one-time offer number two you can get the re target agency which has a client project management system you can assign sub users so you have a virtual assistant that’s perfect for you face up a group agency training and it all comes with I’ve also got all the agency contracts documentation all that stuff one time – um or three links sumo so this allows you to select your re target pixel and activate pixel.

.When your else clicked post links you can its got post blocked or affiliate to Facebook safety customize and personalize any of your links just a whole bunch of extra features they’re a bit of an add-on product there if you think it’s right for you check out the bullet points here to see if it’s anything that you need anything you can make use of and then of course we have the one-time offer for the re target reseller gives you the sales videos sales pages marketing material so you can resell re target on as your own product and basically reap all the benefits all the profits so you know maybe you believe in the product you not only want to use it you want to sell it as well and you think you can make a profit from it that’s for you as well so I will say this you do only need the front end to get access to the bonuses that we talked about earlier so don’t think you need all those I’m just don’t want you to have any surprises when you’re buying you know this is what willbe offered to you as you do buy it…

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